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Children’s dentistry:

Your little one might fuss during their dental visit. This is the same as when they might fuss at a restaurant, or the hairdresser, or anywhere else you’d rather they were quiet.


Don’t worry, this is completely normal and the dental team is trained to make sure your baby is as comfortable as possible during their exam. Crying and screaming doesn’t mean your baby is in pain and the dentist will always be as gentle as possible.

Just remember - this is a momentous occasion! It is a milestone in your life as a parent and should be remembered, just like a first hair cut or their first day at school. Take photos and write about the experience.


As parents it is your responsibility to use the first dental visit to become well informed about your child’s oral health. Your dentist will take a full medical history and look at factors such as your child’s overall health and development. Your dentist may discuss;

• Teething

• Brushing techniques

• Bite (how your child’s teeth will come together)

• Soft tissues such as gums and cheeks

• Habits such as thumb sucking

• Risk of decay and how to prevent it

• Prevention of trauma to your child’s mouth

• Nutritional advice

Listen to this advice and follow it. Your dentist has your child’s best interests at heart and wants to make sure that good habits are formed early


Many of our patients are quite anxious about seeking and receiving dental treatment. It may lead to some people avoiding dental care completely until excruciating pain gives them no choice. Here at Smile Planners we are  able to provide alternatives to control a patient’s anxiety and to assist them to receive treatment.

In-wheel-chair treatment

Our chairs are wheel-chair friendly for patient’s convenience. Look no further than Smile Planners when you need a wheelchair accessible dentist. We make it easier for people with limited mobility to access and receive the dental health care they need. Our goal is to reduce the number of people who choose to forgo professional dental care because of the physical difficulties that are often required to access it.

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