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SMILE PLANNERS dental services


General and Preventive Dentistry

Our general and preventive dental services aim to educate our patients about their oral health habits and prevent dental problems from occurring.


At SmilePlanners, we believe that good oral health is the foundation of one’s overall well-being. You and your family’s health is our number one priority, and we offer a wide range of dental services that are designed to meet your needs.

Although our focus is on preventive care with regular cleans and examinations every six months, we also offer more complex treatments when necessary. We welcome patients of all ages, from babies to grandparents.

Routine dental check-ups

Dentists recommend regular check-ups to review your oral health and to diagnose any conditions that may be occurring at an early stage. They also prevent the onset of any tooth related disease or infection that may lead to acute pain or discomfort if not treated on time.

Teeth Cleans

At SmilePlanners,we use the Airflow EMS Prophylaxis Master, a unique solution for caries and gum disease prevention and maintenance.


This innovative device is characterised by high precision, compliance with highest hygiene standards and patient comfort.


Despite our best efforts, sometimes teeth will chip or develop cavities.


When teeth are decayed or broken, your dentist will place a filling to replace the decayed or broken tooth. In the past, dentists would regularly place metal fillings called amalgam fillings. Nowadays, tooth-coloured composite fillings are placed instead.

Other Uses for Tooth-Coloured Fillings

The composite material is sometimes used cosmetically to make small repairs to teeth. If you have a small chip or gap, we might be able to fix it with this non-invasive treatment that can typically be completed in one appointment.

Called cosmetic bonding, we can use this procedure to repair issues such as:

  • Small gaps or spacing between teeth

  • Chips and fractures on the tooth surface

  • Size discrepancies between teeth

  • Roots exposed because of gum recession

  • Misshapen or stained teeth

Caring for Tooth-Coloured Fillings

There is no difference from amalgam fillings when it comes to caring for your tooth-coloured restoration. Right after you get the filling, you can eat and drink whatever you’d like. You can also brush and floss as usual.

Some patients have some sensitivity right after we fill the tooth, but this is not unusual or anything to be alarmed about. If the sensitivity continues after several days, just give us a call. In the meantime, you can try a desensitising toothpaste until the feeling has dissipated.

Fissure Sealants

Some teeth have deep grooves and pits which allow bacteria to live and grow.


To prevent these bacteria from causing decay in teeth and the need for subsequent fillings, a thin coating (fissure sealant) is placed.


Fissure sealants are commonly placed for children who have healthy teeth with deep grooves and pits.



Mouthguards are custom-made for children and adults who engage in direct contact sports to prevent teeth from fracturing.

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