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We’re thrilled to be your new home for exceptional dentistry. Visit us for general and preventative care and everything else you need to look and feel your best.


Good preventive care that includes diligent brushing and flossing at home along with regular visits to the dentist can keep your teeth and gums healthy. But sometimes treatment is needed, and you can feel confident in our highly qualified dentist, Dr Nikita Nepali.

Our dentist will talk to you about treatment options that fit your goals and budget.

  • Tooth-coloured restorations for tooth repairs, including fillings, cosmetic bonding and inlays and onlays. With early detection technology, advanced imaging and safe tilling materials addressing tooth decay is easier than ever.

  • Gum disease treatments to keep your mouth healthy and save you from early tooth loss

  • Crowns and bridges to restore the smile by repairing or replacing damaged or missing teeth. Dental crowns cover up and protect a damaged tooth. Often a final step of a root canal treatment and Implant.

  • Root canal therapy to potentially relieve the pain of an infected tooth—and possibly save it from extraction

  • Cosmetic dental procedures, such as teeth whitening, veneers and Invisalign can give you greater aesthetics

  • Comprehensive Dental surgical treatments including tooth extractions, wisdom tooth removal to deal with severe decay, infection or tooth with poor prognosis, Implants and Implant supported dentures to restore missing or damaged teeth.


If you are experiencing the pain of toothache or are suffering from another urgent oral matter, we provide emergency dentistry services. We will usually see you on the same day you call us to provide palliative care to make you as comfortable as possible. We can book a follow-up visit if needed.

Our extended evening and weekend hours make it easier to fit in the treatments your family needs. Our convenient location and ample parking mean you can fit in visits to the dentist while you run your routine errands.

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Use our in-office Clinipads for automated check-ins and worry-free completion of patient forms.

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Phone: 08 6498 7020

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